Top 5 Most Expensive Motorhomes/RV/Recreational Vehicles In the World 2013

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Owning a recreational vehicle benefits its owners and his family who love long road trips. Many people love to travel by road which is now setting up the trend of luxury motorhomes in the world. It can be a style of luxurious living people who want to have all their comforts and facilities to be available to them during their journey/trip. Here we have composed a list of top 5 luxurious, best and the most expensive luxury motorhomes in the world.

5- Monaco 44 SIG Premier:
5th Most Expensive Motorhome This luxury RV is 44ft. It’s one of Monaco’s Signature Series Class-A-RV. It has 6 person sleeping capacity, turbo diesel engine, 10 air bags, aluminum wheels, leather powered pilot and co-pilot seats, refrigerator, adjustable pedals, LCD in bedroom and lounge, diesel generator, Road Master Jacobs Engine Brake, and vice versa.

The price for one of the most expensive motorhomes is 5,000.

4- 2012 Newmar King Aire:
It has central air conditioning, refrigerator, water dispenser, microwave oven, a bedroom with TV (with Cable connection), sound system, phone connections, padded vinyl ceiling, window shades, cruise control, hydraulic leveling jacks with automatic control and a power steering.
Its price is 8,645.

3- Country Coach Prevost RV:
It is ranked as #3. It is a luxurious recreational vehicle. It offers a King size bed and also a barbeque option.

There is a combination of stainless steel and high tensile steel integral frame used. It has a 3-speed engine cooling fan. It contains a bedroom, living, bathroom and a kitchen.

It’s a semi off the road RV and its price is almost .3 million.

Vantare Platinum Plus:
This RV is ranked number 1in the list. This luxurious motorhome was unveiled by Featherlite Luxury Coaches. It is a triple slide Prevost conversion. The entry steps are made of Inca marble and the stair risers are of hand-made glass tile which is embedded with copper. Its ceiling and AV cabinet are covered with Italian leather and the dash board and steering wheel are covered with the sheet of a large tree native to tropical Africa known as Sapelli. It’s mostly manufacture is done with Swarovski crystal.

It has a salon which has a sofa, liquor cabinet with crystal glasses and desk with laptop. It also has a gallery containing Sub-Zero appliances and a room with a Plasma TV and a King bed.

The coolest feature of this luxury RV is that, it has a sport car garage under the deck.
Now moving towards its price; this fabulous Platinum Plus costs .5 million.

EleMMent Palazzo:
It is the 2nd most expensive motorhome in the world which was unveiled by an Austrian motorhome maker, Marchi Mobile.

As its name suggests, it is like a palace/mansion moving on four wheels. It saves up to 20% fuel consumption with max 530 horse power turbo charged diesel engine. It is fully automatic and has pop-up fly bridge lounge. There are two floors containing a kitchen and a master bedroom with bathroom.

Its coolest feature is that, it is painted with a thick layer of special glow in the dark paint due to which it lights up in the dark.
The price of this luxury RV is million.

1. EleMMent Palazzo

This is the ultimate mansion of RVs with a diesel engine, wireless command center, underfloor heating, and 430 square feet of luxury living space. Inside you will find a relaxing master bedroom, stunning fireplace, a full bathroom, and stairs to a roof-top terrace to enjoy the night air. This RV’s every inch is lined with expensive details and for a whopping 3.1 million dollars you can own one too.

2. The Vantare Platinum Plus

If gas prices make you wince, then imagine filling up a 235-gallon tank for roughly 00. Of course when you are traveling in a 2.5 million dollar RV, 00 is nothing more than pocket change. This gorgeous RV has every inch layered in the finest materials; even the stairs up to the door are made of marble. My personal favorite part is the storage underneath built to hold a sports car. Yes, I said a sports car.

3. Country Coach Prevost RV

Priced at .3 million, the Country Couch has an extravagant master bedroom with a king-sized bed, a stainless-steel kitchen, and a full bathroom. I can only dream of waking up in this beauty and enjoying a hot bath in the RV’s soaker tub.

4. Newmar King Aire

The Newmar King lives up to its name with stylish finishings built for a king. The kitchen has everything you would need to cook a gourmet meal or just a simple microwave dinner, while the bedroom features a room big enough to feel like you are home. For 8,645 you can be traveling in this relaxing RV while enjoying all the ultimate upgrades.


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