The Killers – Shot At The Night

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Music video by The Killers performing Shot At The Night. © 2013: The Island Def Jam Music Group
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  1. John Garnhum says:

    love this video can't wait to have a girl and a moment like this but killers are og fuck cold play

  2. Neon KneeHighs says:

    This was the cutest damn video ever

  3. Emily Hayden says:

    This is wanderlust in the form of a song <3

  4. Arthur Vandelay says:

    nice track but fuck this musicvideo. it gave me cancer

  5. Vera Lúcia says:

    perfeição define <3 <3 <3

  6. Steven P. Fortune says:

    This song was #1 until I read that Anthony Gonzales of M83 had a hand in it, and it became a million times better.

  7. Arv ash says:

    Bella Heathcote

  8. steamyboy69 says:

    I work in a hotel and i pretend im the girl lol

  9. Karen Zamorano says:

    me gusto
    ………… me facino

  10. Natalia Sisa says:

    My God, I thought I heard Freddie Mercury!

  11. Flávia Monteiro says:

    This video had to be continued, so cute that is!

  12. Daniel Kauwe says:

    Once in a lifetime:

    Give me a shot

  13. gabyskiller777 says:

    good song gay video

  14. Fresh Tripp says:

    Love this song yo

  15. Sisi Orellana! says:


  16. Branko Calic says:


  17. biblusha says:


  18. Lissette Iturburu says:

    3:12 Tricked me !! I thought they were Blair and Chuck from Gossip girl

  19. saurabh kumar (100rab) says:

    that girl and the song both are sweet.. and voice of Mr. flower is great.. :P

  20. Cat Girl says:

    Love this music videooooooooooooo <3 <3 <3