Tanya Burr creates a Taylor Swift inspired makeup look. Recreate this celebrity makeover now!

TANYA BURR: http://www.youtube.com/tanyaburr
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Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. chanel113 says:

    She really does look like Taylor at the end

  2. Mar linda says:

    I love taylor swift

  3. Monica Scholte says:

    Red lips and rosy cheeks… Love this video <3

  4. Zoe Hine says:

    #needamakeover help Tanya !

  5. sab undead says:

    She looks like Jennette McCurdy!

  6. Miriam Taddei says:

    can you please do a Khloé Kardashian make up? 

  7. Dee Glenn says:

    Amazing look, the model is sooo pretty! x

  8. Hrishika Sailesh says:

    pls do blake lively!!

  9. Melissa Brooks says:

    Tanya is so sweet she’s like one of the sweetest person ever (: love her 

  10. Sarah Munoz says:

    No joke, I saw this girl at my camp a couple years ago that looked just
    like Taylor, I wish I had a pic. 

  11. Kitty Kat says:

    Pretty great job tanya

  12. PinkEr Gry says:

    Taylor is AWSM!!! :D

  13. Lucy B says:

    i loved this look <3 i would absolutely love to be a model have my makeup
    done by Tanya <3

  14. MyLoveIsSelG says:

    She is so pretty! She really looks like taylor swift! Loved this look

  15. jirvi54 says:

    Jeanette mcurdy from icarly looks so much like the model

  16. bellafroggy says:

    amazing!! I LOVE taylor swift and this girl actually looks so much like
    taylor here!! xx

  17. Sharon Camacho says:

    i love your vid’s tan!!!!!!!!!!!!!you should totally get music in the
    background though besides dat PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 

  18. ChocoCocoChocC C says:

    That’s my name lool great vid 

  19. Emily Hunt says:

    She’s so pretty and she already looks like Taylor swift! xx

  20. Jacqueline villareal says:

    She looks so pretty!! 

  21. DailyMix says:

    Want to know how to look like Taylor Swift?! Check out Tanya Burr on Celeb
    Style as she shows you how to recreate the look! #celebrity #makeover 

  22. MadeleineMarina says:

    This make-up is perfect for her! 🙂

  23. Kathi Huynh says:

    amazing job!!

  24. Beautiforever21 says:

    Katrina reminds me of Keira Knightly!

  25. Tiana Strid says:

    Wow looks so much like her