Shark Tank – Saturday Night Live

A pair of radical thinkers tries to sell the Sharks on an up-and-coming organization: ISIS.

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Video Rating: / 5


  1. Mortablunt says:

    More like Shart Tank amirite?

  2. AnyaGrandeTomlinson says:

    ?? the Microsoft paints tho

  3. JaviEnding says:

    Barbara was awesome though

  4. JaviEnding says:

    The actor doing Mark Cuban basically acted like a normal guy. What a shitty impersonation.

  5. Tribal Leprechaun says:

    The Isis skit is fucked up and not funny at all.

  6. andeace23 says:

    SNL= Still Not Laughing

  7. Casey C says:

    I'm sure John Mccain would have jumped all over this.

  8. Durodes Duvo says:

    It got a little hot in this room when the ISIS thing came on

  9. Sam Anwar says:

    I hated the ISIS thing. Its not a thing to joke about

  10. DemBallz says:

    Remember back when Saturday night live use to be funny?

  11. Vasa Maric says:

    uhh zesce zajebano sprdaju bas bas.

  12. Sarcastamus Raconteur says:

    damen gained a few pounds

  13. Disillusioned says:

    #isis Now that shit was funny!

  14. ABBAOPAXO says:

    pistols vs AKs? yeah right

  15. hamsterpoop says:

    Goddamnit this could have been amazing…. It started awesome but then they didn't really do much with it… Fucking snl pussies scared of offending people with no sense of humor….

  16. Pr Ra says:

    Barbara impersonation is impeccable! HAHA

  17. Locustmaster15 says:

    So much potential and the skit was just fucking awful

  18. PhuckHue2 says:

    not funny. bad writing

  19. Jesse Flores says:

    sorry but rock is anything but funny