HOLLYWOOD Walk Of Fame Stars – Kid On Vacation Connor

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  1. Jaimie Nirza says:

    Holy sh^y! Its Darth Vader! AND BUBBLE BEE

  2. Lahana Jones says:

    OMG ur so freaking perfect nd don’t let people tell u any different 3

  3. mightybooshhorse100 says:


  4. Tavish Sharma says:

    Loved this video. Awesome work. <3

  5. angelique ramirez says:

    your so cute

  6. Tim skate OG says:

    You are so gay
    You are so stupid
    You are so Justin Bieber fan
    You are so ugly
    I hate you because you try to be Bieber
    N’ your hat is for gays
    and you walking as gay
    I dislike you asshole

  7. Mike Schmidt says:

    Oh, So you love MJ AND JB I only pick MJ not that gay Justin

  8. Minecraftcrafter says:

    Your my inspiration .

  9. Drum Covers says:

    Dear connor,

    Be awesome 

  10. dadjou ka says:

    oh shit

  11. Wyatt Carleton says:

    Master Chief at 00:30.

  12. Brian Canela says:

    Holy shit it’s the black zorro

  13. Sara Sheets says:

    Make a Instagram 2

  14. superjoycelyn98 says:


  15. Miriam Kacimi says:

    dude you rock

  16. KidOnVacation says:

    Thanks for the comment. That was nice of you. Follow me on facebook! ( Kid
    On Vacation )

  17. tothe3D says:

    Connor ur so cute! I love your videos you sound so educated in them because
    you probably are!

  18. Cara Kruse says:

    Hi Connor I love your vids!!!!!!!!!! your so adorable! better then Justin

  19. kumba821 says:

    Ur awesome!!! I love watching ur videos!!

  20. halfmoonrisin says:

    and that Black Zorro kept hittin on my cousin she was so annoyed she wanted
    to slap his face, gotta love LA

  21. Clara Delgadillo says:

    connor its clara i dont think if you remember me but can you answer me in a
    chat mood i think your awsome and cool

  22. Cat Valentine says:

    >.< Omg yuh actually replied :'D And np

  23. Victoria Amelia says:

    I want your shoes!!! 0.0

  24. Wyatt Carleton says:

    Everyone listen to me I gotz new idea how about going on a vacation with
    Connor. (winning or random pick to go) LIKE IF YOU THINK IT IS A GOOD IDEA

  25. PurpleDay96 says:

    i love your videos your so cool. 🙂 i love watching them and they always
    put a smile on my face.I LOVE YOU CONNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!