Hollywood Celebrity’s Houses

My trip to Hollywood and Beverly Hills celebrity’s houses. / Mi viaje a las mansiones de Hollywood y Beverly Hills
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  1. Sacer Ktracho says:

    I want to clear something out. First sorry about the chewing, when decided
    to record the video it was NOT my intention to put it on YouTube, It was a
    random video like a lot of my videos that I do, something for myself, but
    later on It came to my mind to upload it. So this video is not a
    professional video nor ever have the intention to be. So I apologize. The
    porpuse of uploading the video was just to share it but the main reason of
    recording it was not even close to share it. But I did. I’m not a
    professional on videos and this is a result of having nothing to do at
    home. Haters chill out!!! ;-)

  2. dee rasta says:

    not hating on your video upload but I distracted myself with something else
    when it started bc of the quality but what made me stop it and be done was
    when he said Lawrence Fishburne played in New Jack City with Wesley
    Snipes. He did not. Probably not his home either.

  3. Marije huierk says:

    All celebrity’s are neighbours haha

  4. Tarq says:

    5:18 Eclipse Towers from #gta5

  5. Kat Wycoco says:

    A-List Hollywood celebrities live in an exclusive guard-gated places…
    There is no way you can see either the roof of thier houses..

  6. Anna Marfa says:

    Hope they let Linda stay on jacko’s corner. Shes an institution on that

  7. Brian Rapp says:

    1981 june 10 the last time i saw jenny maxwell my bitchin mom from laurel
    cyn and ellie in blue hawaii was at hana sushi with Bobby styles MVP ucla
    rosebowl 1966 tip rôder ser up and shot my mom in head canyonlocalfilmscom

  8. Quincy Jones says:

    love the intro to the video

  9. gymnastix says:

    What a shame nowadays these beautiful Beverly Hills and Hollywood homes,
    where once such classy and dignified entertainers as Lucille Ball, Jack
    Benny, Cary Grant, and Jimmy Stewart once lived, are now populated by the
    likes of such vermin as “Puff Daddy,” Madonna and Justin Timberlake;
    creatures who, in the former, truly glamorous era of Hollywood wouldn’t be
    fit to line the trash cans of the real “stars.”

    With “celebs” such as those latter mentioned now living in these homes,
    won’t be long before these abodes comprise a low-rent district.

  10. travisitio says:

    Laurence Fishburne was not in New Jack City

  11. Dennis H says:

    with which company did you go on this tour? im maybe going to LA and i
    would love to this this kind of things, its really freakin amazing and
    intresting! +Sacer Ktracho 

  12. Dreaklock says:

    Those tour bus people in Hollywood that always try to press taking a tour
    on you really give me the creeps. It’s like “I said no. I don’t care what
    kind of deal you want to offer me. Fuck off.”

  13. squibbles0 says:

    wow…. beckam hater

  14. patricia mendes says:


  15. ThaRestlessOne says:

    I bet celebs hate those tour buses driving complete strangers by their
    houses. They could be stalkers for all they know.

  16. Lexus Gailey says:

    Why did you record this? what happens if you had all that money and you
    brought that kinda of house? would you want someone to come and record
    where you live? and put it all over youtube now people know where they live
    no wonder selena gomez and taylor swift and all them getting their houses
    broken in too

  17. NotSoHD Andy says:

    Robbed most of them homes in GTA

  18. Brian Rapp says:

    1961jenny maxwell my laurel canyon mom was ellie in blue hawaii
    canyonlocalfilmscom save the tail o the pup

  19. layne crawford says:

    so many talentless people with so much money

  20. TheFacker55 says:

    Thank you for the video and i play bf4 to 

  21. jeff tomisk says:

    Hoooooooh Michael Jackson house, bedroom and car hhhhhhhhoaaah

  22. Chris clay says:

    This might be the worst tour ever! 99% of the homes he pointed out were
    complete lies! Zac Efron does not live across the street from Paris Hilton.
    Paris Hilton lives in a gated community on Mulholland, Zac lives east of
    Hollywood. Greystone Mansion was not used for the Bodyguard, but dozens of
    other films were shot there, and there are no tours given. Lies on Jessica
    Alba, Nicholson (lives on Mulholland), Beverly Hillbillies, Eddie Murphy
    (lives in a gated community) and what does the “Kardashians were supposed
    to buy that house” mean? Britney, Cary Grant, Ray Charles, Joan Kroc (lived
    and died in the San Diego area). Folks, if you can see the doors and
    windows of a house then the paparazzi can see them as well – which means a
    super famous person would not be living there. And the notion of famous
    people all living next door to one another is a bit ridiculous as well. The
    house he claimed belonged to P. Diddy actually has a very interesting
    Hollywood pedigree – it’s known as Green Acres and is owned by a
    supermarket mogul not Sean Combs! Fresh Prince house was miles away and the
    Gone With The Wind reference was crap as well. I could go on, but you get
    my point. Stay away from those tours on Hollywood Bl, including and
    especially Starline! Waste of time and money.

  23. gymnastix says:

    To “Chica Beatuy”:

    I agree. I think a tour guide of Hollywood homes, or any tour guide really,
    ought be trained in elocution and proper diction, not to forget better
    manners which would not include the chewing of gum while speaking before
    the paying public.

    But, somehow, a crude and undignified guide seems apropos for a tour of
    neighborhoods where now crude and undignified “celebs” are residing in
    their pretensions to fame.

    And, one supposes, the customers of such tour buses are also of a lower
    caliber, no doubt also chewing gum, cellular devices all but surgically
    attached to their persons, and wearing the proverbial “flip-flops,” beer
    guts and “hair scrunchies” in full view (the former not necessarily
    adorning only the men, the latter not only the women).

    My, how we have “evolved” as a society!

  24. Muhamad Asyik says:

    ty 4 sharing…nice :))))))

  25. Brian Rapp says:

    1965 Paul rapp my dad put me Brian rapp in the wild angels