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Hollywood Celebrities Movie And Music Stars house [[ House Where The Movie & Music Stars Live A Real Footage ]]2009
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  1. Natalie Catalano says:

    So basically you just found a bunch of random houses and our celebrities
    With them lol

  2. lps awesomeness says:

    i didnt know any of these ppl

  3. Jackie Matallana says:

    I luv all of them but my favorite would have to be Rhianna’s.

  4. Eric Perez says:


  5. kragseven says:

    I did construction as my career. I love architecture but these are just to
    much. Most of these homes only have two people living in them the others
    except for Jollies and Pitts house have a few kids. The best part was J+P’s
    house looked to be the smallest. All I could think about looking at these
    is ,what a waste. If I had their money I still would not live that way. My
    driveway would require a four wheeler or a backpack.

  6. d stuart says:

    a number of these seem wrong

  7. Dana Bieber says:


  8. andSerena says:

    Will smiths has a skatepark in it..tops all

  9. mountainfolk2511 says:

    What’s the name of the music ?

  10. zakiyah livingston says:

    Eddie Murphy and denzel Washington Rhianna and Oprah Winfrey are the best
    along with everyone else’s actually I think all houses. We’re good except
    for. . . . . . . . . Can anyone guess? 

  11. Chris clay says:

    Tupac’s so called home on Beverly Blvd – is a mail drop, not a home
    address. Many (not all) of the homes connected with celebrities on this
    site are bullshit!

  12. Melanie Schmidt says:

    I wish I will later times rich and famous….

  13. Miss Million says:

    The Houses are Wonderful..but the Musim to the Houses is the last shit. !
    Sorry dear!

  14. Dani Lynch says:


  15. Pairis9073 says:

    5:07 , that scared me lol

  16. boraboravitch says:


  17. greedybox says:

    whats the name of this track?

  18. Andrew Conrad says:

    Nice video! But u should have added names to which the homes belong to

  19. jalyn parker says:

    that was his house before he died i think that is what the person meant

  20. halfdragon596 says:

    @smilerzzzz other rooms 4 guests or used for an office or studioor fir kids
    and workers

  21. Bleiistift123 says:

    Rihannas The best 6:39

  22. remixed19 says:

    luv these houses!!!!!!

  23. lucy negora says:

    That’s not Eminem’s house! 😛

  24. Notya Urbusniess says:

    All those downtrodden, oppressed minorities, Must be hard to have it so bad
    in America.

  25. HasoOoN A says:

    My Favorite Celine Dion + Janet Jackson + Rihanna