Family Feud – SNL Highlight

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Family Feud – SNL Highlight


  1. John Swann says:

    Okay, SNL is not that great right now and this sketch and the acting are
    weak in a lot of places. However, it is worth for watching Jimmy Fallon’s
    reaction to Justin Timberlake’s impression of him.

  2. Tiana Smith says:

    Jimmy is supposed to be playing Jim Parsons NOT Sheldon Cooper. It’s
    supposed to be Ashton, not Kelso, and that Alyson Hannigan SUCKS! Only
    issue I have with this skit. 

  3. Fiona Kelleghan says:

    This is so silly and fun. My only complaint is that Alyson Hannigan wasn’t
    really represented very well. But I love Jimmy and Justin together, no
    matter what they’re doing.

  4. GraceanneParks says:

    When Jimmy has to hide under the booth because he’s laughing so hard I DIED

  5. NBC says:

    #SNL Highlight – Family Feud: Steve Harvey hosts as celebrities from NBC
    and CBS battle it out on Family Feud! #SaturdayNightLive #JimmyFallon

  6. Surreal469 says:

    I’m a little surprised JT didn’t act like Fallon cracking up at his own
    jokes the way he does. Yeah a couple of spot ons and a few that were
    lagging. like I don’t think Allison hannigan or Jon Cryer are distinctive
    enough to warrant impressions. Decent outing, though. 2.5/5

  7. MrAlex3132003 says:

    This didnt make it live because of what really?!? I have seen lamer skits
    get aired on that episode!
    I love when Keenan plays Steve Harvey… especially when he says, “BUTT”
    and/or B-words. LOL!!!

  8. Destiny Blake says:

    The fact that Jimmy Fallon was in the same sketch as Justin Timberlake
    impersonating Jimmy Fallon is why I like this show

  9. McMagic15 says:

    This is amazing
    That Ashton impression

  10. HaxelPrime says:

    Jimmy is great as Jim Parsons!


    Even thought jimmy wasnt supposed to be sheldon that impression wasnt spot
    on he can really impresonate people well

  12. Spider-manana says:

    The white dude playing as Ashton and the black dude (not Kenan) and the
    white chick with short hair make this show more like mad tv than snl which
    I hated… Mostly because they always did unflattering/annoying
    impersonations of celebrities.

    As much as I love jimmy Fallon why was he acting as Sheldon instead of Jim
    parsons or whatever his name is?

  13. sgreen4 says:

    that’s not how you play family feud

  14. TheUnDeity says:

    lol very funny, almost as good as jeopardy

    *the original jeopardy with will ferrell

  15. IAMD3492 says:

    How the hell did Jimmy Fallon make it so long on SNL? He cracks up every
    single sketch.

  16. Teresa Meritt says:

    “Be Justin Timberlake.” That’s something Jimmy Falllon would actually say.

  17. atoosas says:

    “Be Justin Timberlake.” I lost it there.

  18. Todd Packer says:



  19. LauDor08 says:

    I’m only here for Justin Timberlake and Kenan. :)

  20. James Pyle says:

    If Justin and Fallon were on SNL every episode, it would actually be worth
    watching..but they’re not….so it’s not :(

  21. popeye697 says:

    Sometimes I forget that much like Keenan, Justin was doing televised sketch
    comedy as a teenager. 

  22. okrajoe says:

    Funny skit from SNL.

  23. Stephen Rifkin says:

    Someone needs to shoot Jimmy Fallon on air.

  24. Donnie Carradine says:


  25. Emma Mortensen says:

    ”you so tall we might have to 79” HAHA!!! killed me :D