Crusoe the Dachshund’s Bahamas Sailing Vacation

Crusoe the Dachshund's Bahamas Sailing Vacation

Video by – filmed with GoPro Hero 3+

Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund’s vacation to Exuma Bahamas, featuring Crusoe the Pirate Dachshund, visiting Pig Beach of Exuma Bahamas, Captain Crusoe sailing, Sharkwiener, and more!


“Goin’ to the Islands” – 0:07
“Captain Crusoe” – 2:23
“Exuma Pig Beach” – 3:43
“Crusoe the Pirate” – 5:43
“Island Exploring” – 7:46
“Sharkwiener Attack” – 9:53

Song Credits:
– Sail by Awolnation
– Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Song
– Reggae Theme – Ckotty
– Might as Well Whistle – Any Neely
– Jaws Theme Song
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. rAdiant Jet says:

    Nice video. I would love to FPV out on a yacht. Your pup is soooo cute! Oh
    my! His little feet paddling with the shark fin is to funny!

  2. Natalie Beaumont says:

    Why is it not available?

  3. Eva Rivero says:

    I have a school project and I want to make a short film like this about my
    dachsund, Ike for it. Any advice? PS. Ike is a HUGE Crusoe fan! Thanks!

  4. 85arrie says:

    omg that little doggie has done more in its lifetime than i’ll ever do in
    mine lol. I love this breed, I have one of my own and I absolutely love him

  5. francoise lejosne says:

    Le Paradis des TECKELS : voilà où serait parti ROMEO, notre chien, sosie de
    ce chien magnifique !…BRAVO pour le film, pour vous… et pour le CHIEN

  6. maddie Dicapiern says:

    My dachshund will be spoiled like this one day

  7. Keisha Sains says:

    My favorite breed is the Dachshund. I want one!!!!

  8. Vendy Rachel says:

    i like dachshund sooo much .. your video make my day .. :P

  9. Shelby Lintz says:

    I litterly thought I was there that is how good your videos are you get me
    entertained!!!! Good job keep it up! RATING 5

  10. Smile.DOG says:

    The pigs remind me of the Queen of Hearts saying, “I need a pig here!” XD

  11. Aashi Pandher says:

    best 11 minutes of my life

  12. k naylor says:

    I very rarely give a 5 rating to a movie. Crusoe your movie gets the
    coveted 5+++. Fabalus darlink, just fabalus!

  13. Lisa Barnes says:

    where do u get all those costumes! Lol

  14. melanie Navarro says:

    I have two wieners

  15. Amos Giesbrecht says:

    Dachs on a Dash 8

  16. ridge knepp says:

    your dachshund looks just like mine 

  17. Conrad Green says:

    I’d set sail with a decorated dachshund any day of the week(2:40). This pup
    is one of many different hats. Btw, sweet treasure excavation. I think the
    Bahamian government requires reporting of any found artifacts;) Thanks for
    the video! 

  18. Gypsylady Laura says:

    Haha! Crusoe has a DashCam!!! Crusoe rocks!

  19. JustCurious says:

    wow, Crusoe dude, ur humanhandlers did a great job! where was ur side
    kick, what were u thinking meeting does lazy pigs? did u fly before .. and
    the cave … my humanhandler would never do that! cool dude. and … the
    treasure hunting … no logbook?! i wanted to help too, how exciting …
    and the slomo part with the ears and the running, hmm never knew that
    “we”dachshunden shook our heads so gracefully,
    like the running … we Do look great! my name is Freddie btw, and my
    older brother Hugo, want 2 say HI too, so HI and he loved the bal u choose,
    he has the same color!
    see u next time? bye, Fred and Hugo
    and a shout out 4 the people who take care of u!

  20. H. Guti says:

    What a life Crusoe! Saved in my favorites.

  21. annezofia says:

    What a sweetheart. We love the Exumas and swim with the pigs. Funny story
    lines, he’s living the dream with his family. 

  22. spee34 says:

    hahaha verry funni 🙂 we have the “self” dachshund to, his name was Paul,
    he was a verry fanatic dachshund XD

  23. Betul Egi says:

    nice video and adorable dog

  24. Andrey Cherneha says:

    Great video. GoPro is awesome. Funny doggie

  25. jovee hekmatara says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful video! We just went through a
    terrible tragedy & our 2 year dappled dachshund Winston died. It’s been
    almost two weeks & my 4 year old daughter, all of us, miss him so much.
    When we get sad we have been watching your videos, so far, this is our
    favorite! Thank you for the joy this brings our hearts!