Chris Brown – Collection of Cars, Houses, Bugatti Veyron Celebrity

Chris Brown - Collection of Cars, Houses, Bugatti Veyron Celebrity

Collection of all of Chris Brown Cars and also luxury Houses. Chris Brown has a net worth of milion. He has the red Bugatti which is sick also Aventador, and so on..

Song by Reefer Chiefer Check out his Channel:
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. DASHONA WOODS says:

    Anybody else have to turn the volume down. That sooooong…

  2. Tayquian Ashmore says:

    yup he sucks ass his name is Reefer Chiefer ASS BAG

  3. Alyssa Moore says:

    Im tryna figure out who tf rapping… I couldnt focus in the video cus this
    nigga all off beat and ishh….

  4. pedro luis says:

    I hate this song………

  5. One Pretty Muthafucka says:

    3:37 nigga looking gay af lmao

  6. venorm WillFuckYou-up says:

    This song should have never been made at all.
    Get some Rapping lessons from some one that’s not you dudes.
    “SKI” LOL

  7. Eric Fontana says:

    Shit got real real at 1:39 with the dramatic pause…PSHHT **instant

  8. KingTxne says:

    WTF is this music?

  9. Christian Velez says:

    Look at shoes at the end and wack music

  10. Mzomhle Sibanda says:

    which body orifice did this man use to rap this song? it cant be a mouth.

  11. Disean Lewis says:

    Wtf no way his net worth only 30$ million breezy bin around since 2005 !!

  12. eastcoastflavor says:

    How much did that Radio Shack mic cost

  13. Yashazaru says:


  14. Kgotso Pedi says:

    This music sucks a dripping sack of balls.

  15. akeem byfield says:

    Chris Brown – Collection of Cars, Houses, Bugatti…:

  16. Zy'sean Shabazz says:

    Chris Brown – Collection of Cars, Houses, Bugatti…:

  17. Tyler Young says:

    Couldn’t even watch the bs video cuz the shitty song 

  18. chismosita2 says:

    Hate song ):/

  19. Rico Crockett says:

    Who is this fucking rapping? Not only is it dripping with wack juice, the
    he got nerve to stumble off beat mid way through the 1st verse.

  20. john brown says:

    lame asss song

  21. KingTxne says:

    And I like how Chris has over 10 cars and this vid only showed 4 or 5 lol

  22. Kayla Kay says:

    I think this song is by far th worst song I’ve ever heard. You could’ve
    easily used a Chris Brown song I mean this video is about Chris brown 

  23. Horace Will says:

    This song is fucking horrible

  24. B33STINGR says:

    Yeah you guys only focused on his Bugatti and Lamborghinis’. And wtf, there
    is more house pics then there is actually cars or anything else. And the
    car pics were like one he is in his car and the next 4 pics are like a
    video cut in half, it shows him walking out and everything like it is a
    video. Just my opinion.

  25. danny martinez says:

    Music shitty