Celebrity Houses – Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey’s House tour.
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  1. Craig Johnson says:

    That was the Spelling Manor! Not Mariah’s house!!!

  2. grace ace says:

    Love you MIMI

  3. MooInShades says:

    so much space and such an ugly taste for interior design. wasted

  4. justt frank says:

    that’s the old Spellings Mansion.

  5. coen849 says:

    The outside is NOR Mariah Carey’s home NOR the former Spelling Manor!!!
    This home, located in Holmby Hills, is named “Fleur de Lys” after a few
    years of goin on and off market it sold for 102million dollars (incl
    furniture). Fleur de Lys was owned by David and Suzanne Saperstein and
    after renovating it, they divorced and Suzanne put that home on the

  6. grace ace says:

    Love you MIMI

  7. Lisa Danley says:

    Beautiful rich home

  8. Christopher Carey says:

    I love how you’ve mixed photo’s of Mariah’s NYC Penthouse with exterior
    shots of the LA Mansion she has with Nick and some unknown house with
    “Staff Quarters!” Ha 

  9. TOTCD says:

    Lol like Mariah would have a $ 125 million.
    She’s not a billionaire this isn’t her house.

  10. Junthra Sisombat says:

    Nvm that’s not Kim KARDIASHIAN house but in the game it looks like it oh
    wells i know she lives in bevrely hills

  11. ASAFYY says:

    what a cold house

  12. Alina Abdulazeez says:

    Wooooah my house only has 6 bedrooms 5 bathrooms and a pool and a kitchen
    and 2 living rooms hers is way betta 

  13. James Hatton says:

    Last I heard she had a 10 million apt in New York City. But that was
    before she got married.

    Mariah Carey’s House MTV Cribs

    Mariah Carey – Cribs (part 2)

  14. Junthra Sisombat says:


  15. jesus romero muñoz says:

    She is DIOS,thank you mariah

  16. Hatsune Mai says:

    I hope i am artis

  17. joanna bickford says:

    her house is screaming 1980’s

  18. Joshua Brown says:


  19. godo12345able says:

    not her house

  20. Mel Shawne says:

    shoot if I had money like mariah carey i would be doing the same thing.. 

  21. Mariah Braxton-Wyatt says:

    Most of these pictures aren’t even her house lol

  22. Bloody Mary says:

    Excuse me while I go cry in my shed…

  23. oooshitman9 says:

    Not her house. MoronS

  24. Wassime Kidrauhl says:

    omggggg rich MC

  25. twilliger123 says:

    Not her house it’s the mental institution she was in when she had her