Beverly Hills\West Hollywood Hills Movie star homes and city tour

Madonna, Britney Spears, Jonny Depp, the tree lindsy lohan crashed in to, Brad Pitt, Beckhams, Playboy Mansions talking rock plus many more (10hours and 2 mins to upload WTF!)
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Aaron Williams says:

    a place where snobs dwell

  2. EastBayFM says:

    You people do realize that a large majority of these small time tour
    companies that dont have the big fancy vans and uniforms are scammers
    right? They take people around for 20$a head and show you random houses and
    say so and so lives here but its all bullshit… how many people will truly
    know that the house they are being shown belongs to susan serandon or mel
    gibson? Not many people… that is why there are so many scammers giving
    tours and making tons of money, because they can get away with it

  3. William Scott says:

    Whoever took this video FUCKING SUCKS.

  4. Paulo Silva says:

    Great video. I enjoyed it very much. Thanks

  5. macho tony says:

    All you whiners need to shut the fuck up. This guy uploaded a 1 hour video
    of his tour bus ride and you guys were expecting a Steven Spielberg
    production? Take what you can get or don’t watch it.

  6. ed severson says:

    its only the 200,000th time the guide has done this tour

  7. Will Christie says:

    Get your brakes fixted!!!

  8. Nathan says:

    I’m going to LA next year and i would be very disappointed if my guide was
    talked liked that. If i pay i expect energy

  9. Dortmunder Strasse says:

    I managed to watch 9 minutes and now I have to go and vomit.

  10. Will Christie says:

    The guide has so much excitement in her voice, I want to just roll up and

  11. Michelle Ware says:

    Unfortunately, I cant continue to watch. Far to shaky and making me
    sick. 2 or 3 mins is enough!!

  12. Allen Goretsky says:

    Terrible camera shake, the guide has all the appeal of a brick.

  13. Danny Layne says:

    I went on this tour today, my tour guide wasn’t as plain and boring though.
    He did funny stuff etc blasting free falling when we approached a cliff
    Lmao. “Here in the hills of Beverly hills where the cougar and bobcat and
    especially the naked charlie sheen run wild here.”

  14. Dortmunder Strasse says:

    My goodness, what an ugly city.

  15. TheFluffyPeacock says:

    I would have really enjoyed watching this, but the shaky camera makes me
    literally sick. A handheld tripod would have really helped. 

  16. Zach Hatten says:

    Shitty camera work

  17. marhar19666 says:

    Interesting. I decided to follow her on google earth and get close ups of
    the homes. :)

  18. softy gurl says:

    had to mute this video because your freaking window was down and couldnt
    hear u well and the cam was shaking. You need to make a new video and do
    it right.

  19. Will Christie says:

    Did you notice the gas prices around 11:45?

  20. The Massive Truth says:

    Cool video, Thanks for the upload! I was just there at O’Gara Coach to film
    two Bugatti Veyron’s the video is on my channel – +Exotic Promotions TV Show

  21. liefhebber179 says:

    bad camera man!

  22. countcomedy says:

    That tour guide definitely doesn’t enjoy her job 

  23. Zania16ify says:

    Lol no more kodak…DOLBY.

  24. themou2008 says:

    Correction: “Night at the Roxburry” doesn’t have Nickolas Cage.

  25. angiestar803 says:

    someday i will own one of tho s mansions !!!