America’s Next Top Model Cycle 17 All Star Makeover

America’s Next Top Model

→ All Star Cycle Makeover
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  1. I am the Schmidt says:

    “You know how long it takes to grow an inch?” 1-2 months naturally
    depending on how fast your hair grows, even less time if you take special

  2. j krasinski says:

    that ashlee simpson girl… what a dumbass. “music is all about your image,
    i’m always changing” blah blah. music is about YOUR MUSIC and if you’re
    always changing then you clearly have issues, lol we all know she sucks as
    a musician anyway (SNL anyone). I mean if you’re introduced as a “singer,
    actress, broadway star, a fashion designer etc” you are either 1 mediocre
    at all of that or 2 you’re a genius and it’s clearly not number 2.

  3. FeelinErie says:

    ”How do you make a hotdog… gay and lesbian and free?” Looool

  4. covered treasure says:

    I AM SO HAPPY.. *cries like she wants to cut herself because of the ugly

  5. Alexandra Ashley says:

    Im white. Just to clarify that. I think that most of the black girls in
    this comp seem more down to earth than alot of the white girls they dont
    seem to make as big a deal out of it.

  6. Elórin Duvain says:

    god I hate lisa. I just cant even..I dont know. she’s too over the top and
    I just dont like that. Also, it doesnt matter that allison didnt win,
    ’cause she still got somewhere. Like we barely know what the ANTM winners
    even do now.

  7. blahh Rose says:

    Why is niki manaj judging ? Omg!

  8. EuRice Queen says:

    i,personally, don’t get the fuzz about hair being cut-off. i know it takes
    time to grow them back but if you are a healthy individual without any
    sickness that hinders hair growth why be so mad?

  9. pomping14 says:

    Alexandria could win an Oscar. 

  10. Maria Ingmar Sandoval says:

    Music is about music, Ashley. Maybe you should focus more on your music and
    so much with your image. And singing live, for that matter.

  11. Raven Lauefyson says:

    I love the Asian guy “I WILL CUT IT!”

  12. energetic00cookie says:

    i remember why i stopped watching this stupid ass show, freaking idiots
    crying over their hair like it’s the most important thing on the planet

  13. Anna Lee J. says:

    I wonder how these woman, who are hating on positive women, look at life.
    Definitely immature!

  14. niansillabffs says:

    Alexandria looks like Courtney Love with that haircut and makeup

  15. Taylor Jones says:

    It’s like they gathered all the worst contestants from all the previous
    seasons for this “Allstar” cast. I mean, there are a few that aren’t bad
    but the majority are just, on camera at least, the most obnoxious people…

  16. patriotgirl330 says:

    “If you were Kim Kardashian, how would you be eating that hot dog?” I can
    think of a way Kim Kardashian would be eating that hot dog….but, it’s not
    appropriate for TV.

  17. Aparna A says:

    IDK what the big deal was with Lisa’s makeover. She could just wear some
    extensions at her wedding. 

  18. FantasmicOrgasmic says:

    Alexandria ended up looking like Courtney Love and Betsey Johnson’s
    illegitimate love child with that haircut. 

  19. Super Wig Maker says:

    I am happy they ruined bree’s emotions, she was a bitch in her normal cycle
    if you remember well she stole things from another girl cause she was
    jealous, the other girl won…. now it is karma time!

  20. Aj Glover says:

    its hair it grows back! so chill!

  21. Katie Garber says:

    I hate Bianca. She is selfish, cocky, and just a bitch. Anyone who saw her
    in cycle 9 would agree

  22. Arturo Valdemar says:

    “If you were Kim Kardashian, how would you be eating that hot-dog right
    now?” I believe the correct answer would’ve been: “On my knees?”

  23. Lauren Mann says:

    Laura is so happy and cute 

  24. douluvmee says:

    i always think tyra is jealous of girls with natural good long hair cuz she
    always have to wear her wigs., thats y she lets them chop it all off. 

  25. Zoey Anderson says:

    The girl who cut her hair and hated it actually looked cute I